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Variations of this view were held by many of the so-called early church fathers, including men like Justin Martyr (164AD), Irenaeus (195AD), et al. The viewpoint is premillennial and pretribulational. Has several appendixes, including "Why the church will not be in the Great Tribulation." Pentecost, J. The work as a whole offers minimal light to help any but elemental readers grasp some points, and for others is pretty much a waste of time unless certain illustrations help. Jim Rosscup) Cyril Barber - The Minister's Library - A careful commentary that those who preach through this portion of God's Word will want to consult. Ribeira (1537-91) Jesuit scholar held almost all events are future and apply to the end times Richison, Grant - Revelation Commentary Notes - (click for notes listed by chapter and verse) Ryrie, Charles Caldwell. Sanders Revelation -19 The Trumpet of the Lord Johnny L. Sanders Revelation 12:1-8 Satan's War Against God Johnny L.

Idealists feel that Revelation relates primarily to the church between the first and second coming of Christ. J.: Loizeaux Brothers, 1920 Click for expository notes Cyril Barber - The Minister's Library (Volume 3) - Based on the text of the KJV. Clear evangelical messages explaining the scope and symbols of the vision John saw on Patmos. This book has been the means under God of bringing those who were merely curious about prophecy to faith in Christ. Swete (and, of course, stands head-and-shoulders above all other works on Revelation produced todate). Revelation in Notes on the New Testament; Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1884–85 Calvin, John Clarke, Adam. Apart from the second Advent of our Lord, the world is more likely to sink into pandemonium than to rise into a millennium. Gerald Harris Revelation -22 No Refreshment or Healing Johnny Hunt Revelation 3:1-6 Focusing on our Works David E.

Related Resources - Historicist The historicist approach views the Revelation as a symbolic or allegorical prophetic survey of church history from the first century up to the Second Coming of Christ. He is difficult to categorize - in his book on "Last Things: An Eschatology for Laymen" [not recommended to those who seek to interpret Scripture literally] he says he "feels that he must adopt a spiritualizing hermeneutic" He replaces Israel with the church. Hiebert - A popular commentary on Revelation that takes a premillennial and posttribulational view of eschatology. The author uses Scripture to try to explain the symbols of the book. Owen Revelation 1:5-6 Three Reasons To Praise God J.

This was the view espoused by most of the "reformers" and thus dominated Protestant eschatological teaching for centuries. Ladd sees the Millennium and the whole book of Revelation referring chiefly to the destiny of the Church rather than to the theocratic promises to Israel. The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge: Old Tappan, NJ.: Fleming H. The viewpoint is premillennial and pretribulational. CLARENCE LARKIN REVELATION A Study of the Last Prophetic Book of Holy Scripture Comments: Generally takes a literal, conservative approach but you must be a Berean (Acts -note) when you read his comments. Mike Minnix Revelation 2 The Author and Finisher of our Faith Johnny L.

Before you consult any commentary, it is important to recognize that there are four schools of interpretation of the Revelation and it is critical to know which view the commentary you are consulting espouses. At times things are rather artificially blocked off: chapters 4–11 cover the first half of the seven-year tribulation period, chapters 12–19 the second half (p. Morris holds that the 24 elders are men, the locust-like beings of chapter 9 are demonic spirits, the two witnesses of chapter 11 are Enoch and Elijah who have waited in heaven in their natural bodies [? Babylon in chapters 17–18 is the literal, rebuilt city of Babylon on the Euphrates as a world center of trade, communications, education, etc. 348–49), the rider on the white horse of 6:2 is Christ who is on the white horse in , etc. Jim Rosscup) (Ed comment: The overcomers are defined by John in his letter declaring "For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world-- our faith. The Puritans that I praised on Sunday were post-millennialist.

More importantly you should strive to have a good foundation from your own inductive study before you consult even the most respected commentary or otherwise you will almost certainly be confused by the wide diversity of interpretations of the same passage! Morris is fairly thorough in taking things literally and gives his reasons, but allows for symbolism, e. the woman (12:1), the white horse (6:2; ), the two-edged sword, etc. And who is the one who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God? In short, overcomers are not some that are "more faithful" but are those who have faith in Jesus! Their hope was that the gospel would eventually conquer the world before Christ returned.

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