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If you have ever lied to get out of something and then kept up said lie for months/years despite the fact that the time for any sort of repercussions for your actions passed quite a while back then paste this into your profile.If you have ever felt the undeniable urge to slam your head into something, whether it is another person or not copy this into your profile If you support the Yaoi/Yuri filter for the story search engine, paste this into your profile.I just don't understand why people would like him and why he would be redeemed or even be with anybody.

In fact she hates anything that doesn't fit inside her little bubble and she does everything in her power to silence me of having my own opinion about anything in the p://narutgodform.tumblr.c om/Favorite pairings NARUTO-HINATA (Canon pairing for you stupid fucks who hate Hinata so FUCK YOU BITCHES) I question the sanity of anybody who thinks that Hinata would be with anyone else other than Naruto.I am not impressed, with the hand to hand fighting my ability to fight trippled after six months, two days a week and only 45 minute lessons, you can see why I am not impressed.He should have taught Naruto the ability of the Shadow Clone and become a major badass.Seriously there is to much of it and people complain about naru/hina being frequent.If you also support such an option for whatever reason, please place it somewhere on your profile and e-mail the people who run this site until they implement it. I like fanfiction really I do, but I hate wasting my time on fics that ultimately ruined themselves.

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The following is a list of fanfics that were ruined and why.1.

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