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In August 1914 Rooke volunteered for the Australian Infantry, Australian Imperial Force (AIF).

The road was then extended along the line of Ashtead Woods Road, past Caen Farm, to end in the north-west at Alderleife (home to Walter Richard Cassells who had acquired over 16 acres of land on 8 February 1881).A cart track from the present level crossing at Ashtead Station had run parallel to the line to serve the hamlet of Woodfield and, from its foundation in 1860, Felton's Bakery on the Common (where some of the Birch Court, Woodfield Road now stands.Because the Lord of the Manor would not, or could not, release any of the common land for access purposes, an exchange was arranged in 1882 between Elizabeth Felton and William Henry Goodwin, a builder, of a piece of the garden in front of the bakery buildings for a larger plot at the rear so that the former could be used to get round to the future Links Road and Ashtead Woods Road.The farm failed to reach its reserve price when offered for sale as a lot in the break-up of the Ashtead Estate.However, the farmhouse with other buildings and over 263 acres was purchased privately by William Gilford of Redhill on 30 September 1879.

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was first built and owned by Charles Keith Jago Rooke in 1905.

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