Intj and infp dating

All relationships are work, and I'm not afraid to put the work in, but some things should be easy and natural.I just want some level of natural fluidity between myself and my partner.Problems can arise when the judger becomes to imposing, or when the perceiver’s flexibility of schedules can be seen as an annoyance.The INFP prefers the Perceiving preference to Judging.Turns out we were perfect as friends but way too much alike to be in a relationship.

The INTJ wants the world to be logical and orderly.

However, I believe half the battle in relating and communicating with someone is in knowing how to effectively based on their style, preference, and needs.

Also, I know that in order to be with a naturally incompatible type requires incredible work to keep things afloat.

I recently became friends with, and tried to date, an INFJ.

I thought we would be perfect together because we had so much in common.

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