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The first chapter starts out VERY slowly--but ut it will pick up rapidly in chapter 2, and stays reasonably strong in subsequent chapters. Do I put what this chapter merits, or do I put what's in the whole story?

I'm going to go for the later, since I don't expect many will want to start a story they'll later find out they don't want to read.

At Leskral, the problem of which gender pronoun to use was simplified.

All Amorian's except drones, which are obviously male, were referred to using the female pronoun regardless of their appearance or their sexual apparatus.

Shrendi was no exception, except that her face was eerily beautiful; her lithe body was particularly graceful; and her muscles, without being overly massive, were even more clearly defined than most of her kind.

But what really made things confusing, was that each Amorian race had it's own configuration of sexual elements-most, but not all, had basically feminine looking characteristics about their face and bodies; some were flat chested, others might have developed or undeveloped looking male or female genitals, or they may have both male and female genitals.

It seemed entirely random to Sondra, but the Amorians seemed to find some order and logic to it.

Premeditated: Soldiers claim Bergdahl (pictured in proof of life video) planned his desertion.

He sent belongings home, learned the language, did not breach the perimeter fence on the day he disappeared and would spend his time learning the local languages.

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He even told them he wanted to walk to China Staff Sergeant Kurt Curtiss, (left) a 27-year-old father of two, who died in a firefighter on August 26, 2009.

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