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Her mouth ran down my cock, licking my balls, and ending up in my ass, sticking her tongue up my ass.Her soft little hands pushed my legs up to give her better access to my hole as I jerked myself off, writhing on his tongue.She pulled off and took my hand, leading me to her bedroom.Once we were there, she laid down on the bed and lifted up her skirt, revealing her cock in a pair of blue lacy panties.That felt kind of weird but she quickly made me lay down on the couch and started kissing her way from my ankles to my thighs, all the way until her tongue licking all over my dick.She grabbed my hands and put them at my side while she started throating my cock all the way, sliding her tongue up and down my dick making loud sucking noises.

Tina: I'm not leaving until 11 ha Me: okay that's fine too.She had long black hair and thick lips and look Asian, maybe Filipino with her dark skin and cute nose.She was wearing a black skirt and white top, she looked like she was already ready to go out.She stopped right before I came and pulled me up, planting a tongue kiss on my mouth.I kissed her back and she growled a little, smiling.

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She had me hard almost right away, groaning as she fucked her mouth with my cock.

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