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Dishnetwork is a US satellite provider which has satellites in the sky in the position 61.5, 110, 118.7, 119, 129, 148 and a couple more spots, but the ones I mentioned seem to be very popular. Bell Express Vu Satellites are located in the orbital position of 82 and 91. The other 2 popular kinds are elliptical dishes and original dishes which bell and dishnet sells.You can see a channel list of all the channels they provide on The majority of their HD channels are located on 61.5, and 129. When you drive by a house and you see a dish, and there are these things sticking out, well, one of those things, is called an LNB.I am happy with the unit, on the picture quality, and has lots of potential, and hopefully the programming will improve. As good support as viewsat, and lots of new products has been released recently. The sonicview 4000 is the non HD receiver of my choice due to the functionality and the price point. They annouced on their website that they will be delaying the product due to the great success of the 8000, till late this year, or early next year.I haven't used the new 360 series products so I can't give much details about it. although the sonicview 360 premier will be replacing this great receiver. They came out with a dual tuner pvr which is the sonicview 360 elite, which has a better picture quality than the 4000, and has 3 USB slots. A side note is that only the HD receivers currently support decoding of mpg4 compression.One of advantages is that its open sources and there are lots of programmers that can code this box. which is a FTA receiver that can be upgraded on its own by a connection to the internet at all times.Well I hope this helps answer some more questions anyone may have.I've been getting quite a few questions around here about FTA.

Elliptical dishes are quite popular since they can catch multiple satellites in the sky.The New Sonicview SV 360 premier satellite receiver provides many new features that makes it stand out from most of the other FTA receivers.Besides supporting a real 7-day EPG, it will give you the option to download updates through the USB port, zoom in and out to a picture and it will also allow you to view up to 9 different channels on a single screen. The Fastest Booting & Scan Speed that makes this receiver to be the best in the Free To Air World.Even with the addition of new products they still continue to support their older products.Two of the more popular models they carry are the 9000 and Ultra.

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