Dating scammer from nigeria

There is no point trying to “catch” the scammer by yourself because they are probably located in some other part of the world and you alone will have no access to them.

My attempt to “scam the scammer” started with a friend pointing out suspicious guys posting on Lovestruck, a paid-for dating site popular with professionals.

Guys posing as widowed engineers or medics with Ph Ds, children, good photos: they’re the ones, my friend said. After brief chats on Lovestruck, he diverted me to Whats App – a common ploy, says Senior Police Inspector Dicky Wong Tik-ki of the CSTCB’s cyber security division.

Dr John explained his UK 44 phone code: he had lived in Manchester with his daughter since his British wife died last year.

He told me to contact his bank, Lazard, so I could access his account to do the transfer.

Pointing out that his bank didn’t know me got short shrift. You will go back there to get the slip.” When I claimed the police had called, asking about a suspicious transaction, the threats mounted. You have spoken to me, you know I am too smart to come that low.” Then he went sugary, promising to see me, so long as the money showed up in his account by Monday. It had been a horrible experience and easy to imagine how a vulnerable person might have been frightened and coerced into sending money.

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In a joint operation in December 2016, police from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Nigeria busted a syndicate that had swindled 73 Hong Kong women out of HK$60 million.

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