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A little more history: Alice Banfield (my Grandmother) and Zoe Banfield (my great Aunt) on the Mt William Summit Cairn (highest point of the Grampians National Park). Some time after this, but before my memories start, this cairn was demolished.

Of this historic structure only the commemorative plaque now remains on the summit.

If I don't answer please leave a message (sometimes I'm not able to answer the phone for a little bit). If the phone rings out please try again in 10 or 15 minutes, and it is also ok to call me in the early evening.

Kind regards Aidan Banfield A good range of choices are still available for powered, unpowered, and onsite caravans.

While these photos do not show the area where the Redman Bluff Summit Cairn is, it is my best guess that that cairn dates to this time.

For more information and historic pictures of the 1928 Nature Study Camp, and our history leading up to our 100 years celebration on the 10th of April 2011 (including the first 21 years of Grampians Paradise) here is the link for our history story (50.7MB PDF) History Book: The Story of the Banfield's 100 years at Redman Farm Picture from our history book: Tom Banfield, the founder of Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland, along with his brother Jim and sheep dog Victor on the farm dam (now much larger as the little lake at the bottom of Grampians Paradise.

This has kept the Historic Summit Cairn (possibly dating back to the 1920's) safely hidden away.

Soon this will all change, once the Grampians Peaks Trail is constructed to traverse our section of the Mt William Range, taking in Redman Bluff as one of its major features.

For over 100 years it has looked down upon us (the Banfield Family - owners and operators of Grampians Paradise), with successive generations of the family being drawn to its magic.Here are your official race results for 2017NET times are the same as GUN times for all Walkers starting in Walkers mall. That is when the Walkers Mall was opened for the 2016 race.For years dating back to 1997 go to Cool Running and do a search by “year”.We now have only 3 powered sites, and 7 unpowered sites available for Easter 2018.Some of these sites are however very large, and suitable for up to 8 or so people.

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