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It's not a flat, an ex-local authority property, a shared equity home or a new build purchased through the Government's Help to Buy scheme.The couple have taken on a mortgage which will last just 20 years - although they could pay it off in as little as 13.The couple from Devon plan to do most of the work themselves with friends and family already lending a helping hand.Qualified plumbing and maintenance engineer Darren will be taking care of the plumbing throughout the house.I recently received an email from a reader in Texas.I thought it might be helpful to share her experience with others, to see just how gradual and controlling a relationship with an abusive Narcissist can be. He was really smart and beautiful and so different in very strange ways.A couple who have bought their first home in their early 20s say anyone can - by avoiding foreign holidays, credit cards and drunken nights out with kebabs.

Shanine said: 'People reading this may think we have high paid jobs but I work in retail.

We did a pre-renovation house warming so our friends came.'All our friends are chuffed for us they've been up stripping wallpaper and helping out.'No one has said 'oh, can they afford it?

' they've all said well done because our close friends and family know we have saved hard for it.'Darren says: 'The worst thing you can do before you get a mortgage is to get cars or phones on finance deals because anything like that you have to declare to the mortgage company and that all comes off your mortgage amount.'If I haven't got the money in my account I don't have it.'Shanine says: 'Be wary of how much you spend on monthly outgoings especially on things like catalogues for furniture, TVs and stuff.'It seems good when you see it's only £2 a week but if you order five things and have other things to pay for, by the time you get your wages it will be gone again.'Darren says: 'Some people will rent and live with each other for a year to see how they get on but you could be paying out £700 a month in rent and you could be putting that into your own mortgage rather than someone else's.'Shanine says: 'You can buy budgeting apps for your phone so you can see where you are spending your money and where you can save.'Sometimes it's worth spending that £2 or £3 for an app because you are going to get so much more out of it.'If you're unsure where your money goes each month something like that will help massively.'Darren says: 'I opened multiple accounts - at one point I had six or seven savings accounts - and each month each one was being filled.'The objective was to earn enough money in the month to max out all of them.'It was a £500 maximum limit at five percent so it was £6,000 a year you could put in but in £500 increments.'After 12 months you got a percentage back on all of them.'The banks are not expecting anyone to actually fill them all so I was getting quite a lot back in savings.'Shanine says: 'We researched mortgage providers, what their percentages were and customer reviews.'It's a lot of detail but it will pay off.

He said at the age of 5 he told his mother to leave him.

As I got to know him more, I discovered that he had a very peculiar relationship with his mother.

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