Updating overseas markets

There is no participation from the people, and these media transmit to the people in a one-way, top-down process.

This 'beaming down' approach creates dependency and sells us our own images in a distorted way.

They present the developing countries with enormous opportunities and challenges, not only for accelerating their development but also in helping to bridge the economic and prosperity gaps between them and the developed countries.

It also presents the developing countries with a unique opportunity to leap-frog onto a higher level of development.

Unless there is affordable and equitable access and adequate connectivity for the peoples of the developing countries, the prospects of effectively participating in the knowledge economy are anything but optimistic. Without the requisite human and institutional capacities, the framework and skills required for utilizing ICTs including such applications as the internet will remain wanting, making usage all but impossible.

In addition, without linguistically and culturally diverse digital content and material, a large portion of people, especially in developing countries, will be unable to understand and digest what is being offered.

We must therefore ask why and how we should redress this worsening situation.

Information technology can be used to destroy the 'poor and powerless' myth, and to mobilize a community for empowerment and social change.

Being in the media ourselves gave us the consciousness that information is power.

In Tanzania, women are at the forefront of meeting this challenge.

This case study will show the importance of technology in taking control of one's situation.

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