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The band was taking off and newly wed Hewson decided to shelve her dreams of becoming a nurse to support her new husband and his rock 'n' roll dreams.Instead, she concentrated on sitting her finals at DCU to get her degree in politics and sociology -- which she achieved while severely sleep deprived having given birth for the first time just two weeks previously.In 2004 they added to the 6,000sq ft home by buying miniature castle, Lios Beag, next door and linking the properties by corridor.Prior to that, a swimming pool had also been added.Loquacious, even at a young age, Bono talked her round and became Hewson's 'first real boyfriend' when she was just 15 and he 16.

It was purchased in 2005 off another friend, Apple boss Steve Jobs, for a modest .9m (¤10.3m) and boasts the unusual claim to fame of being so exclusive that not even Madonna was allowed to live there.

For nearly three decades, 50-year-old Hewson has been the other, some will say better, half of U2's swaggering frontman, staying at home with the kids, pets, home repairs and school run while Bono (51) struts his stuff on stages around the world for months at a time.

With a €572m personal fortune at her disposal, Hewson could live a designer-label-wearing, luxury-spa-going life of indulgence that would make the housewives of Wisteria Lane weep with envy.

As a youngster, she was something of a tomboy with little interest in fashion, content to wear clothes -- and even a wedding dress -- handmade by her mum.

She says: "I've never been interested in things that sparkle and shine, I'm more interested in people." But that's not to say she hasn't enjoyed some of the trappings that come with being South Co Dublin's most wealthy housewife. Her main base is a Victorian mansion on Vico Road, Dalkey, with sweeping views over Scotsman's Bay.

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Even then she made sure to ask for the 'basic model', explaining to the salesman she'd no interest in anything flashy.

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