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For the majority of people, this means renovating kitchens and bathrooms.

This doesn’t mean you can’t pick out what you want (after all, you are paying for it now so you should get something you will enjoy).Think about it – whether brass and acrylic or rusted and corroded — one glance at a sink or showerhead reveals the decade from whence it came.You can’t go wrong with new water efficient faucets, especially those that have been stamped with the Water Sense seal of approval.Not only do Water Sense faucets look current, but they also meet the EPA’s strict criteria for saving water and providing adequate flow.In addition to swapping out your sink faucets, trade in your water-guzzling shower heads with new low-flow options.

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Although they cost more than normal fluorescent bulbs, they are much more energy-efficient (saving you money on the back end via your electric bills) and are coming down in price all the time.

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