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Supporters say this type of "virtual wall" might be more practical and less costly than a 700-mile border fence.

Google Maps Traffic TXDOT - Road Conditions For Texas | Traffic Cams WXnation National/Int'l - U.

Mc Allen resident Othal Brand Jr., whose family owns land in the Rio Grande Valley, said he favors the use of cameras and other measures proposed for border security.

"There is a need for a combination of all the different options that they've proposed for different parts of the river," Brand said.

This technology experience is coming alive because of Mayor Oscar and First Lady Lisa Leeser’s COMMITMENT TO CARE FUND.

Moreover, the new Zoo webcams align with the City of El Paso’s strategic plan by creating this innovative recreational and educational program for all city residents.

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During the Web-based pilot program, more than 220,000 people registered to view images from cameras placed primarily on private land and displayed at

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