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It may take a minute to pick up the subtleness, but as the coin moves luster forms bands of brightness from one rim straight through the center to the opposite rim.These "bands" rotate as the coin moves, and if complete indicates the uncirculated condition.Diminishing quickly with use the high areas of the design should still display luster to confirm the uncirculated grade.Inspect closely the tops of hair curls and along Liberty's neck, a dull grey shade indicates wear.

Good: Large flat undefined areas dominate Liberty's portrait.

1) Presence of the "S" mintmark often leads to higher value, especially if your coin is in above average condition.

Using the images and description below the value chart, finding the mintmark is easy to confirm.

Although a certain degree of subjectivity is involved, by following the images and descriptions you get a good idea of the process.

Degrees of wear are categorized into "grades" representing the different values on the chart above.

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