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As I've said before, my personal preference is for the camera to allow me to choose the amount of noise reduction applied during post processing of RAW images.The Canon EOS 5D Mark II was quite possibly Canon's most highly anticipated Digital SLR ever, and the scramble to get in a preorder line insured that very few 5D IIs would be found in stock any time near their first availability date in early December 2008.The original Canon EOS 5D was Canon's first non-1-Series full frame body.At their native resolutions, noise results from both cameras are very similar with the 5D having slightly less noise at ISO 3200. Up-size the 5D images to the 5D II dimensions - noise characteristics are enlarged and sharpness suffers. Down-size the 5D II images to the 5D dimensions and the comparison is closer.The biggest 5D II advantage in this comparison is lower noise levels.

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