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The only drawback with Match in my opinion is cost, but you have to expect this, they spend millions in advertising dollars and this drives the cost.

The total hits I received in this period was 65, yes 65 messages within a 24 hr period. I thought, damn all these attractive women hitting me up, why didn't I do this sooner, right? Meetville manufactures profiles, it's that simple. What they do is create fake profiles of women and the system/platform is formatted to send canned messages to non subscribers, hoping your urges will overcome your wallet, but don't do it, unless your a gluten for punishment.It is basically a ploy to get you to sign up and then upgrade your subscription because the dream girl you found is of a certain level and you'll do just about anything to contact her, preying on your desperate need to hopefully land or catch that trophy fish that you want to mount..your wall guys, don't drift on me just yet. As POF works Meetville is about the same, you have to pay to play.They even offer a "hook up" category if you are into that.Overall I didn't have much success with POF, tons of females who are hiding behind pictures taken 10 years ago and not much to say about who and what they do when they are not surfing for Fabio or Prince Charming.The cost for POF is based on what the user wants to pay, they offer upgrades and members of certain levels can block random in app messages when they are being contacted. The platform or what they do here is brilliant but eventually very disappointing for the paying customer.

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