Dating as a science project

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So, you used your favorite chemistry pick-up line and secured a date who appreciates your love of science.

Here's a look at some types of dates that might be perfect if your sweetie is a scientist or is interested in science.

It is natural to want to find someone you can share your life with, but it's important not to lose sight of the fact that not just anyone will do.

But, especially in the case of those who tend to fall in love quickly or can’t commit (cough, Jessica, cough, cough Timothy), taking it slow is definitely what the doctor orders.This new site feature allows users to choose from our hundreds of engaging learning games and exercises to create assignments for students.See below for details and simple instructions on how to use this exciting new feature.From their weekly—and rather antagonistic— therapy sessions, to their comments to one another about little pet peeves, Jessica and Timothy held nothing back in the early days of their relationship.As a result, Jessica and Timothy were constantly smiting from tiny dagger blows of truth that could have normally—and healthily—gone unsaid.

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