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Basically anything to make sure I get out of my head?!Obviously alcohol affects everyone differently, but it's not uncommon to be a little more open, comfortable, and excited about having sex after a drink or two (or several).But with alcohol, these sensations are dulled and your brain isn't as receptive to them, so your genitals can feel less sensitive, says Castellanos.That's because alcohol depresses the central nervous system, which decreases arousal and sexual response to stimulation.The more evolved you become spiritually, the fewer boundaries there are between my energy and THE energy.When your energy is used in a way that is destructive, meaning that it creates suffering to you and other people and creates pain of separation, you want to keep working to move that energy in other ways, to create a more compassionate environment.In small to moderate doses, this might make you feel all warm and great down there. "The clitoris, labia, and vagina can become engorged and more lubricated," says Berman."Women often report that they feel more aroused when they drink, but it's still hard to maintain the arousal and reach an orgasm." Normally when your penis/clitoris/labia is touched in a way that feels awesome, your brain translates those sensations into arousal.

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Alcohol is obviously dehydrating, so you might find it harder to lubricate when you're drunk.

This is more often an issue for someone who is perimenopausal or menopausal and is already experiencing vaginal dryness due to hormonal changes, says Berman, but it can happen to anyone.

But alcohol can mess with your boner without making it totally flaccid.

"It's a spectrum, and for some guys when they drink their erection just might not be as full, but they can still have sex," says Berman.

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Some people mistake the decrease in inhibitions as an increase in arousal and believe that alcohol has magical aphrodisiac effects.

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