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Barroso was a bartender at the Crobar in Miami when Damon, who was in town to the shoot the film, "Stuck On You," walked in with a few crew members to unwind with some drinks.

“When you’re tired, suck it up and go to the bar and you might meet your wife,” The "Breaking Bad" star met his now-wife at Coachella in 2010.

Fink first met the "Grey's Anatomy" star at her hair salon, Deluxe, in 1994.

When she saw that the popular rom-com actor made a reservation under his real name, she initially wrote it off as a joke until he actually walked in asking for a trim.

Blythe Danner Lalo (wanted "Wolf") Debbie Reynolds Aba Daba Donald Trump Mr.

Trump Goldie Hawn Glam-ma (son's kids) and Gogo (daughter's kids) Jane Fonda Grandma Joan Rivers Grammy/Nana New Face Lionel Richie G-Pa Martha Stewart Martha I chose "Mame" as my grandma name... My husband chose "Mac" from his Scottish roots in Clan Mac Millan. When I volunteer in their classrooms the whole class usually calls me "Miss Mame".

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Though definitely nowhere near a plebe like us, Alamuddin was far from a celebrity in the traditional sense when she met Clooney.

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