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Solid compounds of manganese(III) are characterized by its strong purple-red color and a preference for distorted octahedral coordination resulting from the Jahn-Teller effect.

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ERIC CHRISTIAN OLSEN: It’s a terrible idea, by the way. [] ECO: I thought it would be super funny if during this interview, Dani answered all the questions, and I just made chicken noises the whole time. Did you expect the ‘shipper aspect of this to be as strong as it has been? What kind of improvisation are we talking about here? ECO: I think there’s moments that I try to extend and push a little harder with to get certain reactions. When did you start noticing the romantic undertones? ECO: I’m going to make this as ridiculously oversimplified and simplistic as possible, and apologize before I even say it. ECO: Sympathetic, but also kind of astutely aware of his frame of mind and [she reacts] to that.

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